Sydney Survivors is the best in the business at SUPPORTING & MOTIVATING you, to "transform" yourself...


Whatever your goals and needs may be, the team at Sydney Survivors will have the answer for you.  We conduct programs & transformations which assist people in reaching their potential.  Whether you may want to improve your health, improve your fitness, learn how to lift weights, manage your busy schedule, learn how to implement a healthier lifestyle, or learn how to lose weight (and keep it off) - Sydney Survivors is for you!

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At Survivors, your Membership includes ALL Indoor Sessions at BOTH Basecamps, ALL outdoor Sessions, ALL Bootcamps, Run Groups, Event preparation & BEST OF ALL - constant access to your Trainers to help keep you on track.

We understand the need to mix up your training, to bring about results, minimise the risk of overuse injuries, and to keep you focused and motivated.  No two sessions are ever the same at SS, and you will never be trained by a television screen (lets face it, you might as well sit in your lounge room for that type of training)!!