12 Weeks of '17 bodY & Health TRANSFORMATION 


Registrations are now OPEN for the first of our two Transformation Programs for 2017.  We have set up an amazing 12 week program that has some incredible inclusions, such as:

- Access to the MOST PROVEN results based systems in the South of Sydney with literally thousands of incredible results!
- Start date 20th February 2017, so you can get settled into your routine for 2017 and then we will work with you to bring about the health and fitness results you dream about...
- Get transformed individually, or if you have some friends of family members that you want to get motivated with and get results TOGETHER, then you can also elect 4-6 people to compete in a Team Transformation Challenge (with Team Prizes for Highest % Weight Loss, Highest % Body Fat Loss & MOST Transformed Team)... If you don't know 5 other people - we can team you up with like-minded people to get involved in the fun and to help you keep each other motivated.
- Individual (Male & Female) prizes for Highest % Weight Loss, Highest % Body Fat Loss, Best Body Change (cm's lost), Best InBody Score improvement, Most Improved Fitness, Most Transformed Male & Female (total prize pool valued at over $5500)
- Fun Team Fitness Testing Day (for those that decide to enter as a Team)
- 2 x Weekly Newsletters (one focused on nutrition & recipes, whilst the second will keep you informed, accountable & motivated)
- Survivors Merchandise
- State of the Art InBody Body Composition Analysis (start and finish), and Before and After Image Presentation Folder at completion
- Regular Seminars to help you implement a sound nutrition plan - that will bring about results that will LAST
- 1 Training Session each week for the 12 weeks PLUS 2 basic fitness testing days PLUS 4 of the famous Survivors Bootcamp sessions PLUS the Team Fitness Day and Fitness Machine Testing Day (if you decide to participate) - total of 20 sessions

There is a reason why Survivors Transformations are the longest established Body Transformation Program in the Sutherland Shire, and why so many people have obtained incredible results over such a long period of time.  We are here to help you overcome the main hurdles that lead to people failing on their health and fitness journey, by providing:

  • Constant contact and motivation
  • We TRAIN you EVERY time you walk through our doors (you are never left wondering what to do or feeling intimidated at Survivors)
  • Trainers that are extremely experienced, and have the expertise to provide you with training that is enjoyable, and based upon your own level of fitness.  But best of all, our Trainers have the 'people and motivation' skills that will keep you on-track and committed to obtaining your results. No excuses - only SOLUTIONS.