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Welcome to the team that gets results!



By the time you read this you have either made a decision that you are ready to improve your body, health and fitness, or you have heard about the amazing results that people from all walks are life are obtaining by training with the team at Sydney Survivors.

Our professional Fitness Instructors have extensive experience in the fitness/health industry, and understand that for fitness programs to be successful - they must be fun and challenging.  We facilitate programs that ensure that clients obtain results, and pride ourselves in providing a service that is a leader in the fitness industry. 

Whatever your goals and needs may be, the team at Sydney Survivors will have the answer for you.  We conduct programs & transformations which assist people in reaching their potential.  Whether you may want to improve your health, improve your fitness, learn how to lift weights, manage your busy schedule, learn how to implement a healthier lifestyle, or learn how to lose weight (and keep it off) - Sydney Survivors is for you!

Whilst we conduct successful group fitness programs, our emphasis remains on the individual.  Our level of customer service and support, rates as second to none.  We utilise our outstanding commitment and motivational techniques to keep our clients focused on their goals, and this has been proven through the amazing results that continue to be achieved. 

Sydney Survivors has established a fantastic network of individuals that not only share their training journey together, but also enjoy other activities which aide in their personal development.  Sydney Survivors is an industry leader in providing Body Transformation Programs.

Our Transformations are a complete package, including body & fitness assessments, training sessions, seminars, nutritional plans, goal setting, before & after photos, awards dinner & celebration.  The value of our transformation programs is second to none, and the results are truly amazing.  Click on the 'Past Transformations' link to view some of the amazing results that have been achieved.



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