Our Group Training Promise

SYDNEY SURVIVORS specialises in being different.  Everybody has done the same old classes with other trainers and health clubs, but do they keep people interested and offer something different every time? The answer is NO!!!

With SYDNEY SURVIVORS you can feel assured that everytime you come to train you will have a great time & get plenty out of it.  Our Instructors are experts in the art of making fitness both fun and results driven.

GROUP TRAINING - The benefits

Want a personal trainer but can't afford the cost?  Want results, but think it costs way too much to have a personal trainer numerous times a week?

If you answer yes to these questions then Group Personal Training is the answer!  Have a designated PT that will look after your nutrition, body assessments and physical assessments - and then get addicted to Sydney Survivors Group Training.

For one low flat fee per week, you can attend AS MANY Group Sessions as you like, or work out an ongoing weekly fee to attend a specified number of sessions. 

Every person that has joined Sydney Survivors Group Training program has got results, and the beauty of the whole situation is that you are still assigned a fully qualified and experienced PT as your "case" manager - who is there to give you all the additional support required during your experience.

Times and locations for groups are available from the Timetable Link on this website.

The other option is for you to grab a few friends, colleagues, mums, mates or family members and create your own group - and Sydney Survivors will facilitate training for your group - that gets results!  It doesn't get much easier to get all the help you need to get into the best shape of your life!

Don't hesitate to contact us if you require further information regarding our Group Training program.



SYDNEY SURVIVORS are the Bootcamp Specialists.  Bootcamps aren't supposed to be all about running and the same old boring exercises - they are meant to push an individual to get the best out of themselves, through undertaking exercise with a difference and by working as a team.

Sydney Survivors ALWAYS has multiple Instructors on hand at every Outdoor Bootcamp and every session is tailored so that individuals from all levels of fitness get something from the session.  SYDNEY SURVIVORS Bootcamps test you both mentally and physically and are offered as single sessions or as packages.

Our Bootcamps are carried out all over Sydney, and are also tailored for Corporate Groups, Team Building exercises and Sporting Teams. 

Addy and the girls hitting the track!

Addy and the girls hitting the track!



SYDNEY SURVIVORS conduct great fun boxing sessions for people of all fitness levels.  Many Boxing Classes just get the participants to throw thousands of the same old punches, but the crew at Sydney Survivors conducts a great fun boxing class which incorporates some basic boxing combinations which add variety, whilst ensuring that participants are using correct techniques to reduce the risk of injury & to get the most out of every session.

SYDNEY SURVIVORS will also come to you and run boxing for your corporate group, friends, groups of mums, children and youth. 


Circuits & The Survivors 'Shunt'

SYDNEY SURVIVORS put together incredible circuit training workouts that GET results !  Sydney Survivors combine cardio training with resistance training techniques which will improve your fitness, tone your body and improve endurance. 

During our Shunts and Circuits you may utilise Resistance Bands, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Steps, Cardio Machines (and anything else we can get our hands on)  to give you an awesome workout, that brings about excellent results. 

You haven't tried a circuit until you have tried a Sydney Survivors shunt or circuit! 

Child Minding

Sydney Survivors understands how difficult it is to incorporate exercise into your everyday lives, whilst balancing the demands of parenthood. Accordingly, we have child minding available at the following sessions:

Kirrawee Basecamp: Monday through to Friday from 9am to 10.30am to cover both the 9am and 9.45am sessions (No child minding available from the 25th of December 2015 until the 18th of January 2016).

Your children will be able to see you at all times during the session and our carers all have appropriate Working with Children checks.


There's nothing quite like Sydney Survivors HIIT Sessions...

30 Minutes of High Intensity Interval Training (your "own" high intensity of course), to get you in great shape and condition!  The best thing about SS HIIT, is that if you are time-poor or looking to squeeze in a quick session before getting off to work or going home for dinner, you will get as much out of this 30 minute session as many longer sessions elsewhere!  You will walk away from this session feeling incredible and your body will continue the "afterburn" for many hours post exercise!


Nothing like a great cardio session to prepare you for the day ahead!  Survivors Cardio Training focuses on Heart Rate Training, to improve your level of fitness and to help burn fuel!  We utilise a range of different tools to help you enjoy your cardio training, and we guarantee you will love it!

X-Training (X-T)

It's just that... Cross Training.  Every type of training principle comes together in X-Training, from Cardio to Resistance, to Bodyweight, Core & Plyometrics... X-T has it all!  This session is great for full body conditioning and toning!


Sporting Groups 

SYDNEY SURVIVORS provide a great service to sporting teams and groups.  Coaches are always looking for something different to give their team the edge and to bring the group together, and we promise that we do just that!

Our Instructors come from vast sporting backgrounds, and have loads of expertise in providing specialist assistance and group training that will get the most out of your group!  The sessions will be tailored to whatever the coaching staff require - and its a great way for coaches and trainers to gather extra ideas to maximise their potential.