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Come and join the leaders in the health, fitness & wellbeing industry, and start getting the results that you have dreamed of!  If you have tried gyms, fad diets or expensive personal training with NO success - then you MUST come and join the team that gets results - at a fraction of the COST! 

What makes Sydney Survivors the best in the business at assisting you to "transform" yourself...

  • No CONTRACT periods to join our TRANSFORMATION (unlike other gyms that make you 'sign-up');

  • You are given your own 'Wellbeing Manager' that is there to fully support and guide you through your journey;

  • You are trained according to your OWN fitness level, based on your fitness results (and as you progresses, your training group changes);

  • Our 12 past transforms have had an average weight loss of a staggering 1.45 tonnes per transform!

  • Our transformations are not just about weight loss... We have assisted our clients in improving their overall fitness to incredible new levels, with 315 Survivors completing Full & Half Marathons in the past 12 months!

"2015... It's Your Time" Body Transformation commences on the 6th of February 2015 and will provide the support, expertise and motivation to help you to get the results that you dream of, by helping you to understand what it takes to make changes to your lifestyle.  Our program provides you with nutritional guidance, expert training systems (aimed at you OWN fitness level), support, motivation & most of all - a unique 'community' of individuals that come together to support and guide you through 'YOUR' life changing experience.

Sydney Survivors obtain great results - and can provide you with so much evidence that their system is as effective.  Our clients not only lose the weight, improve their health & wellbeing, and feel like they've reclaimed their life - they maintain their results for years to come. 


For the low one-off Transformation of $269.00, or 10 easy Direct Debit Payments of $27.50 (plus $10 setup) you will receive a complete 10 Week Program which includes:

  • Before & After Pics and Measurements;
  • Before & After Presentation folder (at the conclusion of the 10 Weeks);
  • Basic Fitness Testing Days (before & after - which is used for you to measure your fitness improvements and for us to ensure that you are trained according to YOUR OWN fitness capabilities);
  • T-shirt or Singlet;
  • 3 Seminars (Topics include : nutrition, exercise management, exercise adherence, motivation)
  • 15 Training Sessions over the 10 Weeks;
  • Huge range of prizes (valued at over $15,000), in a range of categories which include Most Transformed Individual, Highest % Weight Loss, Highest % Body Fat Loss, Most Improved Fitness, Best Body Change (broken into Male and Female divisions) & 'Fitness Machine'; and of course
  • A fantastic Awards Evening**

**Clients that undertake at least 1 additional training session per week with Sydney Survivors will have their Dinner fully paid for - otherwise there is an additional charge if you wish to attend the Dinner

"2015... It's Your Time" is NOT just a weight loss program….

At Sydney Survivors, we are not only known as the leaders in weight loss…. Our Transformations also offer our unique "FITNESS MACHINE" program - which is open for any participant to be a part of (but it is NOT compulsory)!

The FITNESS MACHINE program runs OVER 2 SUNDAYS during the Transformation. This part of our program is aimed at individuals that want a fresh challenge, which will test endurance, strength, speed and power - over a wide range of activities!!  Some of our clients have completed 8 transforms in a row - due to the fact that they love the challenge and motivation provided by the program, in particular the FITNESS MACHINE program.

SYDNEY SURVIVORS have two unique 'BASECAMP' X-Training facilities, located at Kirrawee and at Engadine. Regular training sessions are also held in a range of other venues including Wanda Sandhills, Engadine, and a range of outdoor venues.  You will have the opportunity to attend whatever sessions suit your busy schedule from over 70 Sessions that are on our timetable - and during the Transformations we also add TRANSFORM PARTICIPANT ONLY Sessions, so that you can rest assured that you will feel comfortable, and well looked after during YOUR Transformation.

Do you really want to wait any longer to realise your goals & dreams?? At Survivors we support, motivate & encourage you to achieve what you may have thought was impossible!  Fitness, weight-loss and well-being can be fun and extremely rewarding - so don't hesitate to contact the team at Sydney Survivors if you wish to register! Hurry though, as numbers are limited (and our transformations sell-out fast)…

Registrations: Open NOW 

Registration Forms: Available on our website, under the 'Important Forms' link or by clicking here.

Numbers are limited, so if you want to get involved with a fantastic group of people that are leaders in the health & fitness industry – then don’t hesitate in contacting us TODAY! Don’t put off YOUR RESULTS any longer!

You may secure and pay for your Transformation by clicking the link below.  Once you have done so, one of the team at Sydney Survivors will be in contact with you to book you in for your measurements, assessments etc. 


Transformation fees can either be purchased in full prior to commencement of the transformation or by 10 x $29.00 weekly Direct Deposit payments (plus $10 account setup charge) over the course of the transformation.

Once off payment

Cost: $269 per person or $495 per couple (family only). You can pay securely online using our online store here.

weekly Payments

Cost: $29 per week (set up as a 10 x Direct Debit weekly payments with the first payment date 6th February 2015).

To take up the $29 per week Transform offer, please click here and complete the form.

Last Step (after payment has been made)

You have one last step, before you can quite possibly change you life forever...

We need you to submit the Pre-Transformation Screening & Waiver Form, so that we can best manage any health or injury issues that you may have throughout your Transformation, and so that you are made aware of the risks associated with exercise.  For your safety you cannot commence the Transformation until you provide us with the screening form, and the easiest way is to submit it online. The link can be found below:

Pre-Transform Confidential Screening Form